Meet our Vendor Team

At Chilleen’s on 17 we have worked very hard to provide you with a vendor team that not only makes everything stress free, but also has amazing quality work. From the flowers on the arch, to the songs the DJ plays you are 100% in control with our complete packages! You just have to tell us what you want and we will make it happen!

Tracy, Keo Entertainment

Tracy has been Dj’ing weddings for over 20 years. She does an incredible job at making sure that not only the timeline goes smooth but that everyone is having a good time. Her ability to deter the pesky uncle who keeps requesting that song no one wants to hear is also on point. We are beyond blessed to have her as a part of our team!

Tracey Keo
(602) 793-8783

April, Az wed pics

April has been a part of our team since the beginning. Before the Venue was anything. She has helped us come up with new ideas that make for ideal photos. She has also grown so much in her work and is constantly learning new tips and tricks to be able to capture every special moment. She in constantly amazing us with her talent! Also she normally gets you a sneak peek with in 24 hours. How much more could you ask for?

April Juchau Photography

Leslie, Leapin’ Lilys

Leslie is a mastermind in the flower world. She knows every flower, when its in season, when it will look the best and what goes with it. All you have to do is tell her what you had in mind and she will make your bouquets, centerpieces and arch decor come to life better then you can even imagine.

Flowers by Leapin’ Lily’s
Leslie Davis

Priscilla & Michael Sweet, Silver Rose bakery

We have been incredibly blessed to add Priscilla and Michael to our team! Their dessert table along with their 3 tier wedding cakes are out of this world. Not only does everything they make look delicious it also tastes delicious!

Silver Rose Bakery

Donna Chilleen, Officiant


Donna has not only been officiating weddings for over 25 years but she was also a wedding coordinator so she knows everything there is to know about weddings. Her clear voice is perfect for any wedding ceremony. She will send you a ceremony, that you can can 100% make your own.